Breast Enlargement


Enjoy looking good and feeling great about yourself without spending a fortune.

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Breast Enlargement


Enjoy looking good and feeling great about yourself without spending a fortune.

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Breast Enlargement in London

Breast Enlargement

Also known as a breast augmentation or a boob job, breast enlargement increases bust volume, improves breast shape and can help increase your confidence. Out of all the cosmetic procedures available in the UK, breast enlargement is the most popular.

Breast enlargement may be right for you if:

  • You’ve lost volume in your breasts after breastfeeding or as a natural consequence of the ageing process.
  • You feel that your breasts are too small in comparison with the rest of your body, and you want a curvy look.
  • You are naturally flat-chested and want to increase the size of your breasts.

The Breast Enlargement Procedure

Before undergoing a breast enlargement procedure, you will meet with your surgeon and discuss your operation in detail. Implant position will depend on your body type and also on the look you want to achieve afterward.

  • Subglandular Implants: In this procedure, implants sit on top of the pectoral muscles in your chest, and under your glands. Subglandular implants settle into position quickly and won’t interfere with pectoral muscle movement.
  • Submuscular Implants: In this procedure, implants go under your glands and also under your pectoral muscles. Submuscular implants look natural and remain well supported in their subpectoral pockets.

During the augmentation procedure, your surgeon makes a small incision in the crease under your breast, and creates a pocket for your new implant. Your surgeon then carefully pushes the implant into the pocket until it sits in an optimal position. Then, your surgeon closes the incision and dresses your wound.

Before Surgery



Implant on top of the pectoral muscle


Implant under pectoral muscle

The Recovery Process

Most people take at least a week off after surgery to recover, and many people wear a chest strap or post-operative bra for the first month or two. Your surgeon will provide you with more detailed instructions, which can help you recover more quickly.


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Motiva Breast Implants

Every Attribute of the Breast Implant Has Been Reengineered

Motiva Implants® are brought to you by Establishment Labs, a global breast implant and medical technology company that partners with the best minds in the industry, invests significantly in research and development — including the commencement of a US clinical development program — and delivers a superior product through:

  • Innovative, proprietary technologies
  • Impactful performance — as a result of advanced manufacturing practices
  • Impressive safety — unmatched safety statistics

Q Inside Safety Technology

Q Inside Safety Technology™, a passive radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder, is the world’s first FDA cleared micro-transponder for use in humans and the only one with a CE-Mark when used in a breast implant. The inclusion of Q Inside Safety Technology™ allows healthcare providers to securely and accurately identify breast implant information from outside of the body, at the point of care. Q Inside Safety Technology™ consists of a biocompatible micro-transponder, programmed with a unique numeric sequence (15 digits) that is accessed by a proprietary handheld reader when waved over the breast area. The 15-digit number delivered to the reader corresponds with a secure, online database that can be accessed via the internet and by authorized persons only.

By utilizing Q Inside Safety Technology™, physicians and patients have access to secure, non-invasive verification of implant-specific data. Unlike product and warranty cards that are typically provided to a patient undergoing breast augmentation or reconstruction, Q Inside Safety Technology™ can never be lost or misplaced. Providing your patients the option of breast implants with Q Inside Safety Technology™ can give them increased peace of mind in the event of a safety issue or device recall, thereby helping to ensure their safety and well-being.

Product Warranty

All of our implants are covered against rupture by the Always Confident Warranty®, for the lifetime of the device, and by our Product Replacement Policy against capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV for a period of 10 years.

Furthermore, we offer our Motiva Extended Warranty Program, which you may decide to participate according to your personal case:
• For Motiva Implants® with Q Inside Safety Technology™ our 5Y Motiva Program™

In addition to the replacement product, these programs will support you with financial assistance for each affected implant, applicable to the cost of the revision surgery in the event of a warranty claim for rupture or capsular contracture Baker grades III andIV.

Why Motiva Breast Implants?

Because of Establishment Labs’ experience and success in advanced product design and development, technological manufacturing and product support, Motiva Implants® Silicone Breast Implants represent the most innovative implants available today:

  • State-of-the-art shell design that results in a strong and durable breast implant.
  • Exceptional elasticity for ease of insertion and smaller incisions.
  • Ultra soft, form-stable filling gel for optimal shape retention and feel.
  • The most complex and advanced range of implant projections to meet the expectations of both the surgeon and patient.
  • Specialized choice of surface texturing, without the use of foreign materials that can damage the implant shell.

Different Gel Types Options

Motiva Implants® Deliver a Dynamic Aesthetic as a Result of Innovative Technologies, Impactful Performance, and Impressive Safety

With an extensive selection of Motiva Implants® to choose from, surgeons will always have an ideal solution for the most discerning patients. The Motiva Implants® family is a comprehensive range of round and ergonomic silicone implants with options for gel rheology, projection, surface, and Q Inside Safety TechnologyTM.

Next-Generation Silicone Gel

  • Mastered rheological properties of silicone gels with controlled viscosity and elasticity
  • Provides optimum performance:
    – Designed to prevent gel fracture
    – Designed to mimic the look and feel of natural breasts

Motiva Implant Matrix® Silicone Breast Im­plants comply with the Highest Quality Standards

  • Medical grade, long-term implantable silicones with extensive chemical, physical and biological testing, filed with the FDA.
  • Raw materials provided by the largest and most reputed medical grade silicone manufacturer in the US, with a safety record of more than 30 years in the medical industry.
  • Mechanical testing results that exceed the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F703-07 and ISO 14607:2007 Standards.
  • Enhanced safety profile, as demonstrated by the biological testing results, in accordance to the US and European Pharmacopoeias as well as the ISO standard 11737-1:2006 Standard.
  • Establishment Labs offers the world’s first breast implant containing Q Inside Safety Technology that enables your breast implant to be identified externally in your physician’s office with a proprietary handheld reader.

Important Questions About Breast Augmentation

What size can my breasts be increased to?

The surgeon will usually attempt to increase your bust size by at least two sizes, for example from A to C cup size. However, you can only be made as large as medically possible. During your consultation the surgeon will be able to assess approximately the cup size that you will increase to afterwards.

Where do the implants go - "under" or "over" the muscle?

At your consultation and in discussion with you, your surgeon will choose the positioning of the implant, depending on your physical characteristics.
“Submuscular” – implant placed partially or totally under the pectoralis major muscle
“Subglandular” – implant placed on top of the muscle and over the glands

Will my breasts look and feel natural?

Yes, once the breasts have settled. During the first few weeks following your operation your breast enhancement will feel very firm, swollen and pert.

What implants do you use?

We only use high quality Motiva implants for your peace of mind. We offer both the standard Motiva implants in traditional round shape, or the top of the range ProgressiveGel™ breast implants which offer literally hundreds of options of size, shape and texture.

How do I know which size to go for?

Don’t worry – your surgeon will assess your physiology and discuss your preferences with you before recommending the best implant to suit your frame and give you the look you want. Enhance Medical also offer the Biodynamics® Breast Analysis System in a Computer Assisted Consultation which takes very detailed measurements, after which you can literally see and feel the effect of your new implants by wearing specially made breast prosthesis under a purpose-made stretchy vest.

Will I need to take time off work?

Yes, normally 7 -10 days is required off work unless your job involves any lifting or carrying, then you may be advised to take more time off. In this case the surgeon can supply you with a medical certificate for your employer.

Will my breasts be painful afterwards?

Many Breast Augmentation patients say they experience more discomfort than actual pain, though you can expect to feel sore and tender afterwards, and you will experience a certain amount of post-operative bruising and swelling over the area(s) treated.

Can I speak to someone who has had a breast enlargement?

Yes, many of our staff have had a breast enlargement and various other cosmetic surgery procedures. We also have many patients who are happy to talk to you about their own experiences

What care do I need to take post-operatively?

Our Patient Care Coordinator will give advice and you’ll also receive a free Patient Information Booklet at your consultation. Do give consideration to post-surgical support bras – the right garment will really help your healing and recovery.

Why would I need to have my implants replaced?

Implants can be replaced for many reasons, including wanting to change the shape or size of the implants, breasts change due to weight loss or gain, age or having children.

Will there be the same amount of discomfort?

The pocket or capsule has already been made so if the implants are going in the same position, for example under or over the muscle, there should be less discomfort than the previous procedure.

Is the recovery the same?

Having a breast implant replacement should be treated the same as the initial procedure, 1 week off work and 4-6 weeks recovery.

Will there be more scarring?

Where ever possible the surgeon will use the existing scar for the incision, there may be instances where an uplift may also be required and more scarring would then be necessary but the surgeon will discuss this in full at consultation.

All cosmetic procedures receive free aftercare!

Following the cosmetic surgery procedure, patients’ can rest with ease knowing they will receive free aftercare which includes a Client Care Coordinator who will stay be there every step of the way during the healing process along with nursing support from qualified and experienced staff. Additional hospital stays, emergency telephone support, surgical coverage for 3 months.

Remember, many of our staff have undergone similar procedures themselves and enjoy the opportunity to answer questions and discuss their personal journey. Come meet our staff!

Payment Plans

Enhance Medical Group provides funding for a variety of procedures, including, but not limited to cosmetic, weight loss and hair transplant surgery.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow between £350 and £50,000, subject to status. You must be over 18 to apply.

How much will I pay?

Examples of the monthly repayments are shown below:

Treatment Cost£1,500£2,000£2,500£3,000
Term of Loan36 months36 months36 months36 months
Representative APR12.9%12.9%12.9%12.9%
Monthly Repayment£46.96£66.62£83.77£99.93
Total Amount Repaid£1,798.56£2,398.32£2,997.72£3,597.48

We also have 48 and 60 month terms available.
How do I apply?

You will need to complete a simple, online credit application, which one of our staff can help you with during your consultation. Most applications are approved straight away, to ensure you can schedule your surgery as soon as you like.

Who is the credit provider?

Enhance Medical Group works with two reputable companies to bring finance to our patients: Chrysalis Finance Ltd is our credit broker and Shawbrook Bank Ltd is the credit provider.

How do I make the repayments?

Just as you would pay most bills, monthly payments are collected by Direct Debit and are subject the standard guarantee from your bank.

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Cosmetic Surgeon

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Motiva Breast Implants

Every Attribute of the Breast Implant Has Been Reengineered

Motiva Implants® are brought to you by Establishment Labs, a global breast implant and medical technology company that partners with the best minds in the industry, invests significantly in research and development — including the commencement of a US clinical development program — and delivers a superior product through:

  • Innovative, proprietary technologies
  • Impactful performance — as a result of advanced manufacturing practices
  • Impressive safety — unmatched safety statistics

Find Out Why Our Patients Love Us

  • DanielleDanielle

    I had my surgey with this company in March this year (2018) and it has by far been one of the best choices in my life! I was very flat chested before and worry what tops I could wear! I now have no worries at all!

    All the staff are very friendly and welcoming, clinic is very clean and very well looked after! and their surgeons are great at what they do! Mr sulliman you are my bood god! I'm now 100% confident with my body thanks to this company!

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  • Lucy EmmaLucy Emma

    I had been looking to have breast implants for a long time, but didn't find a clinic that didn't make me feel like I was being sales pitched to and that weren't pushy, and also didn't find a surgeon that I felt comfortable with.

    I found Mr Perrone via social media and loved his results.

    I booked a consultation with One Health, and was pleasantly surprised by how lovely all the staff were, and also how non pressured it was. I had my consultation and met my surgeon on the same day, and booked my surgery date for 6 weeks after.

    The hospital itself is clean and easy to find.

    My surgery was fairly delayed, but I was kept informed, and once admitted I went to theatre very quickly. The whole process has been straight forward, and the aftercare has been brilliant so far, having seen a nurse for new dressings a few days ago, and my surgeon again today for a check up- and I'm only 10 days post op.

    I am so pleased with my own results, and definitely chose the right surgeon and clinic.

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  • Hayley MaynardHayley Maynard

    So far I am a week and a half post op. Dr Luciano perrone performed my 2nd BA, the first I had in Belgium around 6 years ago, however I had awful rippling of the implant, plus I wanted to go bigger anyway, so I had a re-breast augmentation and I honestly cannot fault them.. staff are so friendly and the aftercare has been amazing, my boobs are now big and exactly how I wanted them, highly recommend.

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  • Rebecca HurdusRebecca Hurdus

    cant credit this company enough. loving my gals?? . consultation was great hospital was fab. im recovering brilliantly and i feel loads better for having them done. thanks enhance *one health medical leeds* *pall mall hospital. ?. all in all a great experience

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  • Beth TaylorBeth Taylor

    I am 2 weeks post op. I am soo pleased with my result from choosing One Health Medical Group to have my breast enlargement. I went for a consultation in March at the Bromsgrove clinic where I met my surgeon I was so excited and happy I booked my procedure for the end of July. I got the jitters as everyone does about sizing but the advisors and call centre staff are so helpful reassured me with the sizing and I trusted the surgeons advice and I could not be happier with the result so far. I was in pain for the first few days with little sleep but the painkillers they provided helped when kept on top of them along with advice from nurse and surgeon kept me reassured. I would 100% recommend this company. Looking forward to my next nurse appointment.

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  • Emma HodgsonEmma Hodgson

    This company is amazing from start to finish had my conciliation with Barbara at Leeds she was always just at the other end of the phone if I had any questions and everyone was very polite and professional at all times, always happy to help with anything and put you at ease. My surgeon was Dr Alberto Di Giuseppe and he was fantastic I would highly recommended him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery and all the staff at the Manchester hospital was brilliant.. you will not be disappointed if u go with this company, I couldn’t be happier with my whole experience thank you everyone xxx

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  • Dionne HodgsonDionne Hodgson

    I have nothing but good things to say about this company from day one when I had my conciliation to surgery they have been amazing. very polite and professional at all times, always happy to help with anything and put you at ease. My surgeon was Dr Alberto Di Giuseppe and he was fantastic I would highly recommended him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

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  • Danielle MarieDanielle Marie

    Renato zaccheddu is the most amazing surgeon, I will be forever thankful to him. The after care at one health medical was also amazing. Thanks again x

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  • Alexandria MastersAlexandria Masters

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am so pleased with my results from my mastopexy. Dr Salumian is amazing. The hospital is spotless and staff are lovely. highly recommend

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  • Zoe GriffithsZoe Griffiths

    From the very beginning the communication and care I received has been amazing, the staff couldn’t have been more helpful.
    I’m a transgender women and there were a few obstacles with me proceeding with my surgery, my personal coordinator Pamela worked closely with me & the surgical team and in my opinion couldn’t have done any more to help me & make my dream come come true.. thank you.
    Dr Renato explained everything very clearly about the expectations I could expect & couldn’t have put me more at ease.
    I had breast augmentation & rhinoplasty, on the day of my surgery I was petrified having never had a General Anaesthetic but the surgical team made me feel totally comfortable and at ease, the care I received after waking from my surgery was first class.
    The aftercare I have received since my surgery is brilliant and I can’t fault it, excellent communication & care

    After one & half weeks later I have almost recovered from my surgery and couldn’t be happier with the results, my nose is perfect and exactly what I had hoped for, Dr Renato is a rhinoplasty genius.. he has given me the perfect female nose, I honestly couldn’t have wished for better results.
    My breast are simply amazing, I’m over the moon with the results, they are perfectly in proportion to my body and look stunning.

    Thank you so much Dr Renato, Pamela & the rest of the one health team... I can’t thank you enough, you have quite simply changed my life

    Zoe Griffiths xxx

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  • Victoria CiantarVictoria Ciantar

    I have just had my breast done by Mr sulaiman on your Thursday 07/06/18 and I love them. can not wait to see the result I went from a 32b to a 34dd and they are just the perfect boobs he did exsacly what I asked, all the staff are amazing and look after you many years I have want them doing and now I finally have. if u have been waiting to get yours done go and get them booked you will be so happy thank you again to all the staff and most of all Mr sulaiman

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  • Emma Ayesha PayneEmma Ayesha Payne

    Had my BA on 21/06/18 at the London Clinic with Dr Joffily. I’m truly amazed with the results already, I’ve gone from 32AA to 32D and they are changing and getting better everyday!
    All the staff have been amazing, and couldn’t have asked for a better Patient Care Cordinator. Pam has been there for me every step of the way, always checking up on me to make sure I’m ok and answering all my questions.
    Dr Joffily spent time explaining the procedure to me and picked the best possible implants for me, he gave me exactly what he said he would and my scars are so small and neat.
    Before my BA I had such low self confidence and since my confidence had soared and I feel amazing. Anyone who is thinking to get a BA done I’d say go for it, it’s the best thing I ever did!

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  • Lisa PreedyLisa Preedy

    Had my BA on 10/03/18 the level of care I received before Had was amazing, An my care coordinator always go about & beyond.
    I am early post op but I received such great care from all the staff on the clinic, An my boobs are absolutely amazing! I highly recommend Mr Sulaiman.
    This company have truly changed my life!
    If your thinking about having this procedure done just do it! You won’t regret it

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  • Billie ReadBillie Read

    I had breast augumentation on the 11.06.18 and had Dr Giuseppe. I can not recommended him enough! Im very happy with my results and Dr Giuseppe made me feel looked after from start to finish and has done a amazing job! All the staff at the hospital are all very friendly and welcoming and i must Mention Dawn one of the nurses who again made me feel so much at ease and just has such a comforting presence.

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  • Alexandra NicholasAlexandra Nicholas

    Cannot thank the team and Dr Sauliman enough. From start to finish my experience has been nothing short of outstanding. Special thank you to Dawn as well. Top nurse and top lady, cannot have asked for anyone better to take care of me on the day or for my follow up appointment. All doctors and nurses were just lovely.
    I had my surgery on the 1st June after 11 years of wanting it. Seen amazing results from the start and that’s only getting better. Thank you all so much, it just makes something life changing even more special.
    Can not recommend enough! Xx

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  • Georgina MitchellGeorgina Mitchell

    Would definitely be recommending enhanced medical to everyone!!! all the staff are lovely and two amazing people bent over backwards for the the last couple of days getting me the results I wanted so so happy with my outcome
    Thankyou so much xxx

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  • Christine Paris GourleyChristine Paris Gourley

    Amazing ..... had my breast enlargement and from start to finish can not fault all staff

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  • Lucy Jane LewisLucy Jane Lewis

    Love this place. So friendly. Rebecca made my experience second to none. Exceptional x

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  • Gemma WilliamsGemma Williams

    I had my breast done Dr Giuseppe on the 29/09/17 and I can't thank him enough he done a fantastic job I couldn't be happier with them cant wait now for them to be completely healed so I can start wearing things I haven't been able to where I had 325cc and wouldn't want any smaller or bigger so looking forward to the end results

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  • Rose LakeRose Lake

    Absolutely fantastic service. Mr Hassan Suliaman is a fantastic and talented surgeon. My incisions are sooo neat. The anaesthesiologists were kind and professional and the staff were really friendly and attentive. I was terrified at being put to sleep and the calmed me right down. I felt safe and well looked after. The only gripe I have is the patient care coordinator who I found pushy and uninterested but once she was out the way and the staff took over, it was a wonderful experience. I would recommend them anytime. Great results. Thank you One Health.

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